Below are the listed top-rated accredited online PhD universities. To receive free information on enrollment and financial aid from the schools that interest you, click the “More Info” buttons:

Capella University – Capella University offers a variety of accredited online PhD programs that are specifically designed for students looking for flexibility, affordability, and speed when attaining their PhD.

Walden University – As a top accredited online PhD university, Walden University offers numerous affordable and flexible PhD degree programs that are designed for students looking to get their PhD as conveniently and efficiently as possible.

California InterContinental University – As one of the top accredited online PhD universities, California InterContinental University offers accredited online PhD degree programs that are designed to meet the needs of working adults that want to attain the skills and credentials offered by an online PhD degree, while keeping the price affordable.

Argosy University – Argosy University offers students accredited online PhD degree programs that are designed to fit the needs of the online student. Argosy’s programs are affordable and flexible which allows the student to complete the program in a timely manner that meets the student’s requirements.

Grand Canyon University – Offering popular doctorate programs in business, healthcare, and education, Grand Canyon University is a great choice for professionals seeking to obtain an advanced degree. Their online platform is easy-to-use and provides a great way for students to interact with their professors and peers.

Liberty University – As a fully accredited online PhD university, Liberty University offers students several accredited online PhD degree programs that are designed to help students that already have a bachelors degree earn their PhD’s online at an affordable price and at a pace chosen by the student.

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Types of Accredited Online PhD Universities

There are loads of degrees to choose from, but a doctorate degree can be awarded in the following areas.

Arts and Humanities: This degree can be obtained in the liberal arts such as music or religion. For example, Boston University offers a Doctor of Musical Arts in Music Education.
Business: Most commonly known as an MBA, this degree can be issued as a PhD and is used for specialties such as management, human resources, marketing, finance, and more.
Computing: Anyone looking to go into information technology may want to obtain this PhD. Areas of specialty include engineering, information systems, security, and technology management.
Education: Teachers looking for a doctorate can increase their knowledge with this degree in such education fields as early childhood, administration, special education, and many more. For example, Capella University offers four different doctorates in education leadership.
Health: This degree is ideal for nurses, mental health professionals, and others. The PhD is available online in specialties such as counseling, pharmacy, psychology, and physical therapy.
Science: Go beyond computers into a more hands on field by choosing this degree. It is available for engineering, aviation, and more. Walden University offers a Ph.D. in Applied Management and Decision Sciences – Engineering Management.
Criminal Justice: Choose a different PhD for criminal justice, law, public safety, administration, or even homeland security. Northcentral University offers two graduate degrees in Homeland Security.

Requirements for an Accredited Online PhD

Most prospective students are required to have a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in a respective art or science before studying for a PhD. The grade point average requirement is generally 3.0 or B average. There may be also be requirements of scoring in a certain percentile on tests such as the SAT.

In addition to heavy coursework, many PhDs also insist on a great deal of research and/or a lengthy thesis or dissertation. Some schools may even allow you to substitute work experience or an internship for credit hours.

Consider Before Choosing an Accredited Online PhD

Just because a school says they are accredited does not mean that they are or that the accrediting agency is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. The Office of Postsecondary Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation are great sites to visit before choosing a school and links to each can be found by scrolling down the page.

The The Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs: Begin by typing in the name of the college, university, or institution you would like to attend to see which recognized agencies it has been accredited by. You can even search by state.

2. FAFSA: Because education is expensive, all students should fill out this form to see what aid they can obtain for their education. All schools in the United States require this form for financial aid and may have a few of their own.

3. Official College Planning Tools: If you’re planning to take, or need to retake, the SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, AP, or CLEP, this is the site for you. It gives a great deal of test related help in addition to tips for finding a college, applying, and paying for education.

4. Council for Higher Education Accreditation: Get professional information on accreditation and degree mills by visiting this site. You can also get links to findings, publications, and even an international directory.

5. Finish My PhD: 43things is a site where people connect to complete tasks. There are currently over 700 others looking to complete this. Students can create a profile, discuss the ups and down of a PhD, and much more.

6. Piled Higher and Deeper: Written by Professor Jorge Cham, these comic strips are ideal for those seeking a PhD. Read the latest strips for some laughs, buy one of the publish books, or check out the Grad Gear section.